Friday, February 14, 2014

A Bit of Reflection

When they are little, they throw fits, make messes, ask constant questions, make demands of your time and try your patience. You tell  yourself, "Someday they will be grown and I won't have to deal with this nonsense any more."
The days and weeks go by and before you know it, it happens. They really are grown up and gone. They have families of their own.
Sometimes they become very self involved and they don't care about their parents anymore. They feel like since they are adults they have earned the right to say whatever they think about everything regardless of whether or not it might be hurtful to the inconsequential parent they are speaking to.
Sometimes you see them making a million huge mistakes and you want to tell them they are messing up their life irrevocably but if you do tell them, they just stop speaking to you and keep doing whatever the hell they want to do because (holy shit!) they are adults and free to do as they please.
So what to do? Stay silent and let them live their lives and make their own way? Jump in and try to boss them around and alienate them further? I honestly don't know anymore. And I can't believe that I'm now the one who wishes she could go back to the days when they were little and do it all over again.

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