Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Photography Blog!!

I've tried to stay away from photography blogs. Why? I don't have the faintest idea. I love photography. And for the last six months, ever since G+ opened to the public, I have done nothing but breathe, eat and sleep photography. My work has gotten much better. You won't be able to tell it by this post, but that's okay. 
If you follow me on G+ , you already know my work. If you hang around here long enough, you will get a feel for what I can do. 
Photography has been, for me, a lot like the rest of my life. Hit or miss. Sometimes I have great successes and sometimes I get the wind knocked out of me. But my New Years resolution this year is to not let the tide of negativity wash me out. I will keep coming back. Every day. 
I will get up and I will go to work and I will love my family and I will build my new life and nothing or no one will stop me. And every single day...I will shoot. 

Cow Lot Sunset on New Years Day 2012

I shot this picture tonight when I went out to my daughters to have our traditional but totally improved New Years Day dinner. 

This is the first year in I don't even know how many that we have not had black eyed peas for luck and cabbage for money. We figured we are still poor and haven't had the best luck so we will just eat what we like. :-) 

I have started a pact with a dear friend of mine online to do a 365 Project. Last year I tried to do one and I got 3 days. This year, with his help and possibly harassment, I hope to complete the year. You will find them all here, as well as on my Google Plus profile. And I will randomly post other things that I have shot that I enjoy. 

Photography is my love. I will pursue it. :-) Happy New Year folks!

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